And he said: Fear not; because more are those who are with us than those who are with them.'



 "And he said, Fear not; for more are they that are with us than those that are with them.' 

2 Kings 6:16

THOUGHT: This verse was the answer that Elisha gave his servant when he got up and saw his city surrounded by the enemy's army, and scared he asked Elisha what to do!!! I believe this is also the answer God wants to give us when we are in a situation where we are surrounded by problems. Just as Elisha prayed to the Lord and asked him to open the boy's eyes and make him see the Lord's army that was by his side, we must pray and ask the Lord to make us see that He is strong, powerful and this above any enemy.

PRAYER: Dear Father, in the midst of daily adversity, we believe You in your power and we know that You keep us and deliver us and all evil, for the army of the Lord is with me. I reject all fear, all anxiety and all anguish. And I declare rest in the Lord because I'm sure the victory is guaranteed. In the name of Jesus! Amen.

Believe it my brother, believe it my sister, in Jesus' name.