"He, Jesus, in the days of his flesh, having offered, with strong cry and tears, prayers and supplications to those who could deliver him from death, and having been heard because of his piety, though being a Son, learned obedience by the things that he suffered and, having been perfected, he became the Author of eternal salvation to all who obey him"

Hebrews 5:7-9

Thoughts: We see that Jesus cried, wept, prayed and begged, he was pious, and even though God heard His Son, He did not deliver Him from the cross. You can imagine the suffering of God, knowing that one word of His was enough to deliver Jesus from the cross, and for the love of me, you, and all mankind, Jesus was condemned without sin and died in our place to give eternal salvation to all those who believe and obey.

Prayer: Kindly Father, there are no words to express your love for us, and the least I can do to thank You is to be obedient to Your word. Forgive our faults, help me always put you first in mine. I want to have a life in communion with the Lord, so that I can enter the kingdom of heaven. I pray in Jesus' name. Amen.