"The end of things is better than its beginning;" 

Ecclesiastes 7: 8a

Thought: Disillusions, failure, sadness are situations that arise side by side in our days and most of the time they impel us to stop on the walk, but God always comes to intervene and direct us, and it is not different when we read the word that says that the change is made on the way, not because of what happened at the beginning of our history but because of the choices that make us write the end of our book of life. A person is not recognized and remembered for his birth, but for his last days on earth. What characterizes man after his death is his last lived moments. What would you like to have written on the headstone of your life. Recognized as a great man of God, a wise woman, or to be remembered for the failure of discouragement, fear, pride, and I want to remind you that God's purpose for our lives is to provide the best end in everything and in all things . Worth it! Just change the direction, and as a saying goes "in the end everything works out" if it didn't work out it is because it has not yet come to an end, but a detail I tell you is only possible to work out and have a happy ending if God is in center of the still blank pages of the book of our life.

Prayer: Dear God, I know that your heart expands in front of a son who is broken in your presence, and here I am crying out for a new story, a new life span and already thanking you because I know that the miracle of a new one day is only done in You. I ask Daddy to be with me on this journey helping me to be what the Lord wants me to be, loving you at all times and being an agent of transformation for many lives through my testimony, advance us in his word, help us every day preach it and in the opening of our mouth, many souls surrender at their feet. Love you God. In the name of Jesus, amen.