"Blessed what awaits..." 

Daniel 12:12a 

THOUGHT: Abraham was tried for a long time, but he was abundantly rewarded. The Lord has tried o for a long time to fulfill the promise. Satan tried him by temptation, Sarah tried him by his impertinence; men proved it by jealousy, distrust and opposition. He, however, endured it all patiently. He did not dispute the truth of the promise, he did not limit the power of God, he did not doubt his faithfulness, nor hurt his love. Rather, he bowed to the sovereignty of God, submitting to his infinite wisdom, and remained silent, despite the delays, waiting for the occasion determined by the Lord. And so, having waited patiently, he reached the promise. God's promises cannot be unfulfilled. Those who patiently wait will not be disappointed. The expectation of faith will be rewarded. Hey, psiu! Abraham's conduct condemns a hasty spirit, rebukes murmuring, commends a patient spirit, and encourages quiet submission to the will and ways of God. Remember that Abraham was tried, that he waited patiently; he received the promise and was satisfied. Imitate their example, and you will receive the same blessing. Text: Book "Manaciais no Desert"

Prayer: 'God, in the name of Jesus your time is tremendous, we know it's not easy to wait, we know it's not easy to go through the valley, the test, but we're not alone, God is with us to deliver us', to give us victory in name of Jesus. Amen.