closer I want to be



 As for me, how good it is to be close to God! I have made the Sovereign Lord my refuge and I will proclaim your wonders to all. 

Psalms 73:28 

There is a very old and well-known hymn of Christian Harp that has this motto in its title and chorus: "I want to be closer to You, Lord!". 

It sings about the joy of good company, love and hope that we find in the presence of the Lord. Indeed, as the psalmist also said, "it is good to be close to God!" But then, why is it that we often walk away? Unfortunately our hearts are naturally inclined towards independence from the heavenly Father. Was this the same temptation that our ancestors faced in Eden: to live far or close to God? 

Throughout the Bible we see countless loving invitations from God for His people to be close to Him. And today is no different either. Christ calls us to a relationship of real closeness. When we are far away, He  draws us back, reminding us of what gives us hope... His presence is all we need most! Approach with confidence! - (Heb. 4:16) 

- God has already taken the 1st step to be closer. Now it's your turn to respond to His invitation. 

- When you feel far from God it's time to go back to the point where you walked away. 

- When you can't pray, PRAY! Jesus does not reject sincere prayer (however small or simple). 

- Read the Bible seeking to understand through it, what God speaks to your heart. 

- Seek help from friends of faith, to help each other, to always remain close to God. 

To Pray: "I want to be closer to You, Lord. Even if it's the pain, let me unite myself to You." Lord, always help me to trust that there is nowhere else in the world better than being close to You. Attract me when you push me away and don't let me stray from your ways. May every day I walk a little closer to You, Father. In Jesus' name I ask, amen!