(Psalms, 127) 

Our Father, who art in heaven! (Mt 6.9) 

Father's Day should be a lot of joy! Parents are their children's best friends. They are the ones who teach them good ways. No true father wishes evil for his children; rather, he sacrifices himself to do his best for them. The father figure is not always of a severe, rough man who is waiting for his son or daughter to get his attention. The father is the one who wants to sow the seed of good in the hearts of his children. As a Christian, he knows that he is living in his home the inheritance that the Lord has given him. The psalmist, teaching the families of his day, rightly said that children are an inheritance from the Lord. It's like a reward he gives. The story is told of four pastors who argued about the best translation of the Bible. Each gave their opinion. The first said that the translation made by João Ferreira de Almeida was the best, because it uses the oldest Portuguese language. It is, therefore, he said, very meaningful to read the Bible in the Portuguese of our forefathers. The second said that the best translation is the Bible in Today's Language, because it attracts young people in today's language. The other pastor said the Living Bible is very good because it is a paraphrase of what the authors meant in the original. The translator interprets its meaning for today. The three looked at the fourth pastor and waited for his answer. He looked at each of the other three and said, "I think of the Bible translations, I like my father's translation best. He lived the Word of God daily. It's the most convincing translation I've ever seen." Being a father is a privilege given by God, and the father's most important task is to live each day the teachings contained in the Word. Thus he will be the able father to teach his children the Christian life. - JG Being a father is the privilege of being able to learn from the best possible model: God himself.