In their affliction they cried out to the Lord, and he saved them from the tribulation they were in.

Psalms 107:13 

- Countless times in life we ​​go through afflictions and difficult times. Personally, we have had experiences or heard testimonies from people who cried out to God in their difficulties and were saved from their anguish. Castaways that were saved, aircraft in turbulence were free from fatal crash, car collisions, accidents, but lives preserved... People saved in robberies, chases and kidnappings... 

- Finally, we could continue to remember several situations in which the Lord saved and helped his people. 

- In the past, in the present or in the future, our God is the God of deliverance! Psalm 107 speaks of the Lord's loyalty, mercy, and love that deliver the afflicted when they seek His help. The Lord works wonders for men. Cry out for His mercy and protection, He is good and faithful! 

In your distress, cry out to the Lord!

- Don't waste time: seek the Lord at all times! In the hours of anguish, sadness and tribulation make Him your lifeline! He is the almighty God, he can help you. 

- Pray with faith! Ask for help and protection daily. God is generous in mercy and grace. He helps and sustains the lives of his children.

- In darkness and in moments of despair, believe in the presence of God with you. He does not abandon you, He chose you, loves you and helps you.

To Pray: My God and Father, protect me this day! Help me in times of distress and danger, Lord! When my eyes cannot see a way out, may my heart trust in the power of Your love. Thank you because you are always with me, in happy and sad times. Stay with me and all your children, today and always! Amen.