"David was deeply distressed, for men spoke of stoning him; all were bitter because of their sons and daughters. But David was strong in the Lord his God." 

1 Samuel 30:6 

King David was a great warrior and since he was little he had to face great challenges. But David was not strong all the time, there were times of persecution, fear and anguish. 

Despite his sadness and having to face the consequences of his failures, David never forgot the ways of the Lord. In the midst of persecution, David looked to God for a safe haven. The king had God as a reference, there was nothing and no one in David's life that could replace him. David's life leaves us with a great lesson: 

God is our refuge in times of tribulation, He does not forsake us! God wants us to take refuge in Him, to take refuge in the Lord is to recognize His strength. When we seek God in the face of danger, we are acknowledging that our safety is He.

The world, money and not even the strength of our arms are capable of giving the protection that God gives us. "He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your protective shield." (Psalm 91:4).

Seeking the protection of the Father 

- Seek intimacy with God, spend a moment of communion with Him in prayer. 

- Be honest with God. Open your heart, He is your true friend. 

- Strengthen your faith in God. Read God's Word, it strengthens us! 

To Pray: Lord, You are my strength and protection. In You I find security and peace for my soul. Keep me in Your arms, Amen!