He strengthens the weary and gives great strength to the weak. 

Isaiah 40:29 

Do you feel very tired all the time, even after waking up? Perhaps you are reaching a limit of exhaustion, also known as burnout or burnout. But even if your level of fatigue doesn't reach that extreme, we all need the strength of the Lord to carry the burdens of life.

The difficulties, disappointments and losses of life, added to the many tasks (the well-known hustle and bustle) make our lives overloaded. All we need most is to be safe in God's hands to overcome any and all fatigue. 

A well-known chorus says in one of its verses: 

"If the journey is heavy and you get tired on the way, hold on to God's hand and go...

Hold tight to God. He gives you strength and renews your spirits!

- Your tiredness and weakness can be transformed by the Lord, trust with all your heart.

- Pray and hand over your heavy burden to Jesus! He walks with you, by your side and sustains you.

- Beware of the flood of information you receive. Limit it! Without noticing you overload your mind, heart and body.

- If you feel tired, Jesus invites you: read Matthew 11:28-30 and meditate on it.

- Learn to rest! God has stipulated 1 day of rest weekly, because He knows we need it. Obey! Spend time with God, worship, rest and have fun. God invigorates your strength!

To Pray: Lord God and eternal father, in the name of Jesus, before your presence we place ourselves. God at this time strengthen us in the face of day to day adversity, thank you, for the Lord gives strength to the tired and gives vigor to those who have no more, strengthen my brother and sister, in the name of Jesus. Amen.