He will fill your mouth with laughter and your lips with joy. 

Job 8:21 

Job had been in terrible pain. Both physical, emotional and spiritual, for the losses and for not understanding the suffering he was going through. Furthermore, he was also judged by everyone (including his friends) as if he were a great sinner who deserved such punishments. But God, only God, really knew that man's heart and his integrity... 

In the midst of all the bombings that Job heard, one of his friends declared an important truth: God does not reject the righteous... He will fill you with laughter and joy. In fact, only God knows us and can give us full joy. Psalm 126 also encourages us in this regard:

' Then our mouth was filled with laughter, and our tongue with joy; then it was said among the nations, 'Great things the Lord hath done for them.' 
Psalms 126:2

Believe it!

- Despite all the suffering we face, God can give us real and true joy.

- The Lord knows your heart and your nature. He is the Just Judge, he will take care of your case, even if he is being unfairly accused.

- Jesus Christ strengthens you and helps you face the challenges of life.

- Believe above the circumstances. God will fill you with endless joy! 

To Pray: Lord our God, fill me with your joy daily! That the struggles and sufferings that are part of the Christian walk are not easy, but strengthen us and give us Christian maturity, make my brothers understand that this struggle will pass, my brothers persevere, the Lord Jesus himself saw that it was not easy to live here on earth, but he said that he won and that we will also win, lift your head winner and receive your victory in Jesus name, amen!