Whoever offers me his gratitude as a sacrifice honors me, and I will show God's salvation to him who walks in my ways." 

Psalms 50:23 

- Thanking God is a way of worshiping him. A grateful heart recognizes what God does. When we recognize and give thanks, we give God the opportunity to bless even more! 

- Where there is gratitude, there is a moldable heart ready to be filled by the Holy Spirit. On the other hand, an ungrateful heart is hard, rough and does not recognize the good things that God has done. This, unfortunately, takes away the favor of God. A hard heart can only be softened through forgiveness. After forgiveness, gratitude is the next step for anyone who wants to walk in the ways of the Lord. - Giving thanks is a way of honoring God. Be grateful, He saved you.

Offering Gratitude 

- Start the day by thanking God. It will make a difference in your everyday life. 

- Know more about what God has already done for you, read the Bible regularly. 

- Before complaining about something, think about what God has already done for you. Instead of murmuring, persevere in silence. Probably at the end of the problems, God will be praised.

To Pray: Lord God, thank you so much for loving me so much! My heart rejoices to know how loved I am by You. He saved me from the shackles of sin and gave me the opportunity to write a new story through His Son. Thank you God, You are the reason for my life! Amen.