Were it not for the Lord, who was on our side, let Israel say so; What if the Lord wasn't on our side when enemies attacked us? They would have swallowed us alive with their burning wrath against us. 

Psalms 124:1-3 

- Having the Lord on your side makes all the difference. Even if you face struggles and afflictions, the presence of God delivers you from unimaginable evils! The psalmist thought about the possibility of not having God present in the moments of greatest anguish, that would have been the end of him and the whole nation. So it is with us... 

- Consider Israel, the Lord made all the difference between deliverance and tragedy in their midst. These people have narrowly escaped so many times in history. Just remember the wars, sieges, dominions, exiles, massacres, mass exterminations, bombs and terrorist attacks... In a natural sense, it should have disappeared a long time ago. But if it continues to exist, it is for a very strong reason: the Lord has always been on its side. 

The Lord is always by your side! 

- Think for a moment: if it weren't for the Lord, where would you be?

- Pray and be aware of God's presence every day of your life. - Give thanks for the deliverances and blessings that Jesus has given you (many of them we don't even realize!).

- Remember those who live without God in this life. Pray and evangelize that they too will recognize the Lord's grace and be saved.

To Pray: Lord God and eternal Father, in the name of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ I thank you for keeping and delivering me, because I recognize that my life is a miracle, because of you. If it weren't for the Lord, what would become of us? All of us? Help us every day, we know that Jesus is by our side, sustaining and supporting us always! For this I praise and thank you, in the name of Christ. Amen!