Because the vision is yet to be fulfilled at the appointed time, but it hurries to the end and will not fail; if it is late, wait for it, because it will certainly come, it will not be long. ' 

Habakkuk 2:3

THOUGHT: God had a plan for the lives of the people, and the prophet Habakkuk questioned himself wanting to understand why God was apparently not acting. So when the Lord brought him an answer, Habakkuk understood that God does not fail, and He enforces His word at the appointed time. One of the most difficult things for us is having to wait. In the busy world we live in, we are in a hurry for everything, and we want everything for yesterday. That is why we often end up making hasty decisions. We must learn to put ourselves in the presence of God by presenting our requests to Him, and learn to wait for the answer in faith, for it will certainly not be long. 

PRAYER: Lord God, thank you for that word. Teach me to live with patience and help me to wait for the appointed time. Forgive me for my anxiety, and often even the lack of faith. I know that the Lord never forgets any of His children, I know that the Lord will never leave me forsaken. Thank you sir. I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.