The Lord will reign forever." 

Exodus 15:18 

- Have you ever thought about the brevity of everything in this life? Years go by, trends, tastes, priorities and needs of a generation go by... Many pages of our history are turning yellow and forgotten in time. With the experiences lived, we lose the irresponsible impetus and reach maturity in attitudes. Some dreams are left behind. But many victories are also achieved! 

- It is common to hear the expression "it seems like yesterday...". Indeed, time passes quickly without us realizing it. We are exchanging the joviality of the body for the marks and lessons of life... Sometimes, the inconstancy of everything makes us worried about the future, but our sovereign God and his Word are eternal. He knows the end from the beginning. And take care of you! Rest in that certainty: the Lord God will always reign! 

God is eternal and reigns forever! 

- Some things come to an end in life, and it's not always easy to deal with that reality. But God is eternal! In Him you can safely trust, forever. 

- The truth, grace and love of God do not change, nor are they exhausted! He is the infinite God in mercy.

- Praise and thank the Lord because he is the eternal King of kings. Worthy He is of all worship.

- Find refuge and encouragement in the Word of God. Read it often and be strengthened!

To Pray: My God, you are my help forever! May my soul wait on You every day! May I feel your care daily, helping me on the walk. The Lord is the only one who reigns eternally! Your love and your Word has no end. He reigns gloriously over my life, over my family and over the whole earth! In Jesus name, I thank you, amen!