Lord performs acts of justice, and judgment in favor of all the oppressed



"The Lord performs acts of righteousness, and judgment in behalf of all the oppressed." 

Psalm 103:6

THOUGHT: At times in the history of the world, this promise of God seems to be a mirage in the face of brutal governments, racial hatred and human injustice. Over time, however, brutal governments are crushed. Despots are buried. Moral indignation replaces complacency. As Kingdom people, don't you think we are called to model the ethics and values ​​of God's will? So let's renew the prayer Jesus taught us: "His will be done, on earth as it is in heaven"! And let's demonstrate God's will in our families, friendships and churches!

Prayer: Holy and righteous God, I know that You are more disgusted than we are to see the inhumanity that stains our world and crushes precious and innocent people. Please, Father, show your will and discipline those nations that are cruel in their injustice. Convince us, your people, that as individuals and as congregations we must be places of reconciliation, justice, healing and hope. Use me, along with my brothers and sisters in our congregation, to show your justice and holiness to those in our community and the world, who need freedom from oppression, and who need someone to help them defend justice in all the areas of life. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen.