Fear the Lord, you who are your saints, for there is nothing lacking for those who fear him. Lions may be in need and hunger, but those who seek the Lord are not lacking. 

Psalm 34: 9-10

By faith, nothing you really need will be missing! 

God exercises His care and provision even in the most difficult times of our lives. Remember that on the darkest days, the sun continues to shine behind the clouds. We do not see him but he is there shining ... Our eyes cannot see, but God remains on His holy throne in Heaven, he sees everything and can do everything. He is also at His side, just believe! He is good, sustains those who trust and rest on Him.

In the desert, the people of Israel complained about the lack of variety of foods they had in Egypt. But they could daily enjoy water and manna, the bread from heaven, which God sent. They forgot to thank them for what they already had, and that that phase in the desert was fleeting, they would be fine if they didn't murmur so much ...

Heavenly Father always cares for His children. Even if you don't have 'everything' what you would like to have, be grateful for what you already have. God gives you enough for today and helps you to continue. Believe that this most difficult phase will pass! Be satisfied with Jesus, the living Bread that came down from heaven, and trust that He is the God of miracles!

What do you lack?

- Depend more on the Provider than on the provision. 

- Read Matthew 6: 25-34. What does Jesus teach you with those words?

- Reflect for a moment in life: is what you have enough? Do I have air to breathe, do I have anything to eat, drink and wear?

- Pray, ask God for today's 'bread' and give thanks. Tomorrow and then repeat the prayer.

- You do not need to accumulate goods to be prosperous and happy. The greatest wealth of life is to have God and enjoy His provision daily.

- Ask God to help you use the resources you have at your disposal. Fight with the weapons God has given you!

- Share with the needy what God gives you. With Christ the little is a lot, He multiplies when we share!

- Look for a mature brother in the faith, say what concerns you and ask him to pray with you. You are not alone!

- Jesus can turn the lack into calm. Give Him your cause and depend on the Lord.

To Pray:

My Lord and my God, I trust in Your provision! Help me to always depend on and trust Your Word. Thank you for what I have, my God. Even though it is little, the Lord has not missed essentials. I trust You, now and forever! Look at our condition, Father and bless us, for your glory! I thank you for everything, in the name of Jesus, amen! * Believe, seek, pay the price, consecrate your life to God, make purposes and certainly he will honor you.