'For in this is the love of God: in keeping his commandments. And his commandments are not burdensome.'

1st John 5:3 

How difficult is it for the parents of a newborn baby to go through the whole list of cares and demands that a baby boy demands? For those who are not yet a parent, you can even think about the difficulty of: waking up at dawn, changing diapers, breastfeeding, bathing, bottle, baby food, making bed, massage for cramps, calming and so many other things... and repeated times. But, certainly, taking this journey is not painful for parents. It's a grueling challenge, but it's totally rewarding and exhilarating. It's because? Because they love their little baby... 

In the same way, if we love God, His commandments are not hard on us. It is not distressing to follow them, because we love the Lord. Jesus once told His disciples that they would be their friends if they did as He commanded (John 15:14). Obedience is the primary proof that we love the Lord. When we keep His commandments, we reveal that we truly love Him. But the most wonderful thing is that this obedience does us no harm. On the contrary, it is good for us and results in peace and encouragement in our hearts.

Love and obey God more!

- Pray to God and give thanks for the lightness and grace of His commandments. 

- Reflect for a moment: Do you love God? Have you obeyed His commandments? 

- Before obeying, you need to know and believe. Read daily and hear sermons from the Holy Bible. 

- Ask God to help you learn and obey His commandments. 

- More than listening, try to practice the commandments of God. They boil down to loving Jesus and your neighbor. 

- Has something been heavy? Read Matthew 11:25-30. Share your burden with Jesus. 

- Share God's love with those around you... 

To Pray: Lord my God, thank You that You do not smother us with demands heavier than we can bear. On the contrary, Your commandments are simple and true. Help me to obey them daily, without hiding or cowering. I thank You that You loved me first and has taught me to love in spirit and in truth. I love you, oh God! May my love be seen in practice, faith and obedience to Your Word. In Jesus' name, amen!