And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

Philippians 4: 7

The peace that comes from God is nothing compared to the peace (happiness, security and stability) that the world can give. This is not an inconsequential or fanciful peace. But a real peace that we can enjoy, even through wars or afflictions on all sides. God is the source of true Peace

This peace is not a synonym that everything is going well for us, but it is a sign that our heart is anchored in the Eternal Rock that steadies and sustains us always. Yes, this Peace of God exceeds understanding! It is not fleeting, nor does it depend on the circumstances. This Peace coexists with suffering and fills our hearts with comfort, even though we face valleys and darkness in life.

Don't be anxious. Trust that God remains in control of everything, and He will sustain your heart and mind in the strength of Jesus!

The Peace of God guarding the heart 

- Pray and ask for the Peace of God! He soothes the heart and conscience in distress and fear. 

- Rest your heart in the Lord. When the world's pains seem to overwhelm us, exchange your heavy burden with Jesus'. Know that He is at your side and helps you in anguish. 

- Fill your mind with the Word of God and strengthen your faith in the Scriptures. In this food you will be able to recover the strength you need day after day. 

- Share the Peace of God! It is our mission (and loving attitude) to lead desperate and panicked people to the living Hope that is in Christ (1 Peter 1: 3). 

To Pray: 

Lord my God, give us of Your Peace, which surpasses all understanding. Teach me to trust the Lord even if everything seems lost and devastated. Nothing and no one can separate us from the great love of Jesus Christ! Keep my heart and mind in You, Lord, today and forever. Amen!