I put all my hope in the Lord; he leaned towards me and heard my cry for help. 

Psalm 40:1 

Everyone has faith, but where do you put it? In the power? In health? In beauty? More than having faith, it's putting it in the right place. Put your faith in God, only He can change our luck and reverse any situation. 

When we put our hope in God, He acts! Trust is a basic element in the relationship with God, without faith it is impossible to please him. 

When we put our trust in God, we take a big step so that our faith bears fruit. God helps us at the right time and our hope is renewed in him.

Trust God!

- Trusting God is an exercise in faith. And faith comes by hearing the Word of God.

- If you asked God for something, wait, keep your faith. God will act at the right time.

- If we trust, we must be calm. So calm down, God is with you! 

To Pray: Lord God and eternal, in the name of Jesus before your presence we place ourselves and put my trust in you! In your hands I feel safe, light up my steps each day in front of your presence, because in you I am safe. Amen .