I leave you peace; my peace I give to you. I do not give it as the world gives it. Let not your heart be troubled, nor be afraid.

 John 14:27

- We live in a troubled, competitive world, where it is necessary at all times to take a position and defend it. This generates stress and tiredness. When Jesus declared these words to his disciples, he was going through a great time of persecution and tribulation. Amidst a harrowing scenario, Jesus poured out His peace. 

- Only Christ can pour peace in the midst of war. Only He can give us the peace that passes all understanding and calm our spirit. The peace that the world gives is inconstant and fleeting, but the peace of God is comforting and eternal. Receive the peace of God and calm your heart, the one who won the world is on your side! 

---- Receiving the peace of God: 

- God has given us access to his peace, seek Him through prayer. Pour out your fears and anxieties to God, only He can comfort our hearts. 

- The Word of God comforts the soul and gives us direction. When we feel God guiding us, our heart calms down. Search the Word of God. 

To Pray: Lord Jesus, only Your peace can calm my soul. I trust in Your power and Your Word. I want to enjoy your peace, pour your spirit on me. In Your mighty name, amen.