"And while He was sitting at the table in Bethany, in the house of Simon the leper, a woman came bearing an alabaster vase, with ointment of pure spikenard, very costly, and breaking the vase, poured it upon her. head." 

Mark 14:3 

Thought: Who was the woman who committed a madness on that occasion ??? First, she was a woman, and in that society they were submissive to men, second, she had a promiscuous life and without thinking entered the house of religious men, who thought themselves holier than others. Third, she poured a very expensive perfume, which she bought with sacrifice, gathering every penny she could. She could have given it to Jesus, and left, or spilled some of the contents, but she chose to perfume it all, to give him the only thing she thought was of value. She wanted to see him wrapped in the perfume that for her was a precious item, something to be expected on a special occasion to wear. It was his way of showing his love, hope and gratitude. Jesus, unlike the men of the time, did not condemn her for her mistakes, did not feel disrespected by a woman turning to Him, did not look at her with an air of superiority, but was enchanted with her love, with the perfume that flooded that room and was poured over Him, just for Him. The perfume spoke for her, its notes brought her life. We must give God our best, regardless of the judgments, but the impression that God has of us.

Prayer: Father of love, may we come to adore you with the totality of what I have and am, constantly and regardless of circumstances. May my heart stop not pleasing man, but You! May this be my everyday concern. In the name of Jesus I pray you and declare that I love you. Amen.