Those who trust in the Lord are like Mount Zion, which cannot be shaken, but endures forever.

Psalms 125:1

- An unshakable faith, who doesn't want it? In fact, God wants us to trust him with all our hearts. Why not surrender to this mighty God?

- Faith bears fruit and attracts people, as well as a lot. Those who have faith become a reference for those who want to reach a higher level. Standing firm in the promises is not an easy task, it requires resistance, discernment and seeking God. A lot is not shaken by bad weather, so should our trust in God: we must not be shaken by circumstances.

- Understanding the sovereignty of God helps us to trust the Lord more. In addition, it keeps us away from momentary traps. The bad time will pass and God will remain sovereign. And because we know that, we should trust him even more.

- Who could do the best for our life but our God? He has entrusted his Son to us. Whoever gives his heart to God is honored by Him! 

A faith that cannot be shaken!

- Unshakable faith comes by hearing the word of God. Feed your soul by meditating on the Bible. The more we read, the more we believe! 

- An unshakable faith proclaims the name of the Lord. It is impossible to be guided by Him, bear fruit and not share God with those around us. Talk about what God has accomplished in your life. 

To Pray: Lord God, how mighty You are! Nothing can shake You. I want to give my life into Your hands and trust You. You know what is best for me, so I praise You. Amen!