But if we wait for what we don't see, we wait patiently for it. 

Romans 8:25 

There are periods in life when we seem to be waiting for God to act, from inside a dark cave, without many resources, without clarity. 

These are periods when we learn the value of waiting for things we cannot yet see. Without many spotlights, we walk as if in the shadows, just like Joseph, David, Elijah, Paul and the Lord Jesus himself. These and others also lived gray days, filled with tears, hope and disappointment, just like us. Days without smiles, which we neither photograph nor publish on social media. Unfortunately, our culture encourages just the opposite: we present pictures and scenes and expressions, even if they don't portray reality. 

The Bible, however, encourages us to enjoy God's presence even in these dark phases of life. Quiet your heart and wait on Him! Live every moment (good and bad) trusting and waiting for God's move. He is in control of all things, and by faith he will lead your life to Victory.

find god in the shadows 

- When passing through the "shadow valley", trust that God is present! He is your livelihood. 

- Take advantage of the "backstage" period of life to become more attached to God and strengthen your faith. Pray, seek the Lord and his Word. 

- We do not always understand the purpose of God in these dark phases. Stand firm on the Word of Christ. He will teach you precious lessons, out of sight of others. 

- Believe that the light of Jesus will dissipate all fear, uncertainty and will show you the way forward.

- Wait on God with patience and wait for his action, according to his good will. 

To Pray: 

Oh Lord, help us to trust You! We love great miracles and exceptional testimonies, but we forget that on sunny days, without much certainty, the Lord remains sovereign, above all. You are my God, almighty, help me to see your light, even when my eyes fail. Teach me to trust and wait patiently in the Lord, and don't let my strength run out. In Jesus' name, amen!