Watch and pray that you do not fall into temptation. The spirit is ready, but the flesh is weak. " 

Mark 14:38 

- It's really liberating when we learn to say no to temptation. Jesus left an important warning for his disciples: watch and pray! Whoever is on the lookout doesn't lose focus! Watch carefully and carefully, keep alert and beware of all surrounding dangers. And, prayer acts as a weapon for us to attack and defend ourselves from this constant danger. When we pray constantly, we stay connected to God, receiving strength from Him to overcome the evil one and our own evil desires. 

- Always monitor yourself and examine your heart... Know your own weaknesses and seek to strengthen yourself in God. It's not worth putting yourself in situations where you know you're likely to fall. Samson experimented with these limits, indulged his desires, and adopted a despicable lifestyle. Unfortunately, he paid dearly for this by becoming a slave to his enemies. But Jesus can set you free! Obey what He said so you don't fall into temptation... 

Learn to resist! 

- Watch your life! See if there are doors (or gaps) where temptation has entered. Close them right now! 

- Pray without ceasing! A life of constant prayer is the key to resisting and refusing evil desires and sins. 

- Cut bad habits! You know the areas where you are most vulnerable and weak. Flee from sin! 

- Ask God for help and wisdom. Perhaps drastic attitudes should be taken (saying no to corruption, imbalances, excesses, dishonest gains, ending a relationship that hurts you, blocking pornographic sites, leaving friends who induce you to practice reprehensible, abandoning addictions, etc.) 

- Talk to someone mature in the faith (pastor or discipler) about your difficulties and struggles in this area. Ask for help in prayer 

- Follow the recommendation of James 4:7: obey and submit to God. Resist the Devil, and he will flee from you. 

To Pray: Lord God and Eternal Father, in the name of the Lord Jesus before your presence, I place myself, thank you very much for your word, be with us in the name of Jesus, we know that it is a battle every day to win, strengthen us and keep ever watchful and on watch until he comes , that we may be overcomers . in the name of Jesus. Amen.