"Daniel ... decided not to become unclean with the king's food and wine ..." Daniel 

Daniel * `` `1.1-20" 

(Dan 4.8) Daniel is probably best known for the event in which he overcame the lions' den, but in today's reading we find him still young, beginning his career in Babylon. 

His people had been defeated, and the Babylonians had an intelligent habit of identifying capable people among peoples they conquered to serve in the complex management of the kingdom. Although a slave, 

Daniel was selected to participate in a training program and then apply for a job in King Nebuchadnezzar's prestigious service. It was a matter of all or nothing - I can't imagine a good outcome for whoever was fired ... Jews were extremely careful about food in terms of what we might call ceremonial purity.

A man consecrated to God could not consume inadequate food or improperly prepared according to strict Jewish law ... and the food of that wicked king would be unacceptable.

Even at serious risk (after all, displeasing the king could result in death), Daniel and his friends ask to abstain from this food. The text states that they became healthier and stronger not because of what they ate (this text does not lend themselves to discussing what type of food is healthier), but because they were blessed by God Himself, who honored their faithfulness and filled with wisdom.

We can consider that Daniel's challenge was no different than ours. Daily we need to choose between being faithful to God or giving in "just a little bit". Circumstances will generally suggest that if we do not give in, it will not be possible to survive (and everyone knows their "Nebuchadnezzar").

We must remember that Daniel and his companions did not know the outcome beforehand 

- just ran the risk of deciding to obey. Much later, they reaped the results.

- The result depends on God. It is up to us to try to obey faithfully .......Feedback