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The Passion for Souls Ministry emerged with the primary objective of reaching people not yet reached by the Gospel of Christ. Inseparably linked to this purpose, the association also seeks to strengthen missionary work in places with harsh reality.

At this moment, I respectfully leave a reflection on the reality of the Brazilian church: a stark contrast to the gospel world that sponsors large fees for singers and preachers for exclusively internal events, with the cruel reality of the missionaries, who, sometimes, consider leaving the Lord's work due to the lack of sustenance and support.

The church's apathy towards the missionary world has enabled other religious segments to grow in superiority to Christianity. The fact is that the church can never lose sight of the imperative order of Jesus' IDE.

When we consider the millions of people who wander and die daily without Christ, without salvation, without love, without hope, without knowledge of the Holy Scriptures; comes the anxiety about how the church still needs to move forward to reach the ends of the earth.

Hence the emergence of this Ministry, which is increasingly specializing in this field, bringing real and updated information from the mission field to the Brazilian church.

If your church does not have a specific ministry for missions, we are available to work in partnership. 

With the support of several churches, we have achieved extraordinary results on fronts of very important missions for the growth of the Kingdom of God around the world.

Join us.