"Even before there was a day, I AM; and there is no one who can escape my hands; if I act, who will stop him?" 

Isaiah 43:13 

Thought: God is the one who has sovereignty over everything, because He is the Lord of everything; what was and what is, and what is to come. Sovereignty is the domain of everything and everyone, His will is above all things. God is sovereign and reigns absolute since before the foundation of the world. Without this sovereignty, He would not be able to carry out all his will, and this He will do without any impediment for all eternity, after all, when He acts, who will prevent him?

Prayer: Lord God, how wonderful and how magnificent it is to have a sovereign God. There is no one who can resemble the Lord. The Lord is the only one who can announce the end from the beginning, and from antiquity the things that have not yet happened. The Lord has called us to be His children, and He has fulfilled and executed His sovereign purpose. Thank you Lord, for You are the only sovereign and true God. To you be the glory, the honor, the praise and the worship for ever and ever. In the name of Jesus, amen.