Before, I only knew you from hearing about it; now, i saw you with my own eyes.

Job 42: 5

If it were today, Job's story would likely be reported in all known newspapers, news and social media. "A man loses at once: his 10 children, goods, assets and gets sick ...". We really cannot imagine the pain of that heart.

If we look at the whole book, we will find a long dialogue between Job and his friends and in the end, between Job and God. Job's words do not always sound peaceful. Much more after being accused (by the friends themselves) of having done wrong, to receive such a tragedy. Job did not understand the reason for his pain. But God did not condemn his wrath, nor his questions. Unlike us, God speaks and lets us speak ...

He is not resentful of our words, but he helps us to know him better. In this verse we see that Job was able to get to know God more closely, after having passed what happened. God remembered that His ways are not always understandable to men. He does not always give us a full explanation of why bad things happen to good people. All you need to remember is that He is the almighty Creator, sustainer of everything and everyone.

Trust in the Lord!

- Pray and ask the Lord for help so that I can get to know you better through adversity.

- Allow God to speak to you through His Word

- read more, study, reflect and practice!

- You want to trust God, even if you don't understand everything He does.

- Be sincere with God, pray, cry out and deepen your relationship with Him.

To Pray:

Lord my God, to You I surrender all my afflictions and difficulties. May I not try to understand everything that happens to me, but that I can quiet my heart and trust You. May life's experiences, whether good or bad, all lead me closer to You. Help me to know you better, not only to hear about it, but to walk with you. In the name of Jesus, amen!