1. After that there was a feast for the Jews; and Jesus went up to Jerusalem.

2. Now in Jerusalem, near the sheep gate, there is a pond, called Hebrew Bethesda, which has five porches.

3. A large crowd of the sick, blind, lame, and desiccated lay waiting for the movement of water. 

4. Because an angel came down to the pool at one time, and stirred the water; then the first one who descended there, after the movement of the water, would heal from any illness he had. 

5. There was a man there who had been ill for thirty-eight years. 

6. Jesus, seeing him lying and knowing that he had been like this for a long time, asked him: Do you want to be healthy? 

7. The sick man replied, Lord, I have no one who, when the water is stirred, puts me in the pool; so, while i go, another one goes down before me. 

8. Jesus said to him, Get up, take up your bed and walk. 

9. Immediately the man became healthy; and, taking up his bed, he began to walk. Now, that day was Saturday.

 (João, 5:1-9)