Celebrate with joy to the Lord, all the inhabitants of the earth!



"Celebrate with joy to the LORD, all lands." 

Psalm 100:1 

Thoughts: 'We praise the Lord with joy! Let us adore the LORD of lords and King of kings today. Let's find little moments in our day, make the most of them, and use them to give thanks and praise our Father in heaven. When we are blessed, let us take a moment to worship. In every good thing, let us say a phrase of worship to our gracious Father. 

Prayer: Loving and gentle Father, God of mercy and power, I am grateful to You that You allow me to know You, the wonderful and holy Creator. You are so kind to hear me, one of your creatures. Your grace saved me; I praise you! Your love made me again; I thank you. Your strength gave me power to change; I appreciate what the Lord has done for me. You are wonderful, dear Father, and I love you with all my heart. I praise you in Jesus' name, your greatest gift. Amen.