We proclaim what we have seen and heard so that you too may have fellowship with us. Our communion is with the Father and his Son Jesus Christ. 

1 John 1: 3

 It is interesting how God is interested in fellowship with his creation. The Bible says that He did not abandon the universe he made, but sustains and cares for it constantly. Furthermore, the Lord was willing to have fellowship with men in a very special way. From the beginning, He went to the garden to live with Adam and Eve. Then he came in the person of Jesus Christ, lived with his disciples, dwelt among us ... And gave his children the Holy Spirit, a comforter who lives with those who believe in Jesus (John 14:26). 

In today's verse, John testifies that the apostles shared with us the gospel, everything they saw and heard from Jesus. The fellowship that they maintained with God is now passed on to us through the Word. May this communion with God, with the Gospel and among Christians all over the world be maintained also with you. 

Fellowship with God on this day! 

- Connect: God is present, even when you are not aware of it! 

- Talk to Him: prayer, praise, thanksgiving and requests are good ways to communicate with God. 

- Be connected to the Word: Read, meditate, understand and practice! Seek to know God through the Holy Bible. 

- Walk in the footsteps of the first disciples. Study and understand the New Testament. 

- Gather in a Christian community: have fellowship with other believers. Encourage brothers, share the faith, live with love! 

To Pray: Lord, I thank you for your Word! It is alive, effective and transforms our lives. Help me to read, understand and practice it with dedication and commitment. May I grow and remain in communion with you every day, through the knowledge of Jesus Christ. May the Word be light for my life and always direct me to be closer to the Lord. In the name of Jesus! Amen.