"Taking him out of the tent, I said," Look at the sky and count the stars, if you can count them. "And he continued," So will your offspring. " Abram believed in the Lord, and this was credited to him as righteousness. 

( Genesis 15: 5-6 )

Abram was already very old and Sara, his wife, besides being elderly, was also sterile. God called them and, by faith, they left their relatives to an unknown land that the Lord had promised them. Everything seemed very improbable, but they believed the word of the Lord. God, being rich in mercy, had far greater plans for this family. To this day, all Christians on earth are blessed through a descendant of Abraham: Jesus Christ! 

God invited Abram to look at the sky. It is impossible to count all the stars. It is also impossible for God to fail to keep his promises and purposes! He is above all stars and knows them all. You also know your heart and your dreams. Remember that above all things that seem too big, the Lord God is sovereign, He is in control of everything! 

Believe and live by faith, like Abraham: 

- Believe in the Lord with all your heart. This was what distinguished Abraham and God's people throughout history. 

- Look at the sky. Do not set your eyes on the difficulties of this world. His help comes from the Lord.

- Trust the Word of God, even if the circumstances say otherwise. Seek the help that will motivate you.

- Faith leads to love and obedience. Express your love and submission to God by observing his guidance through the Holy Bible.

- Pray and give your dreams into the hands of God.

To Pray: 

Eternal God, You are the same yesterday, today and will be forever. You are above the whole universe, you have a right plan and a purpose superior to our current understanding. I give you all my dreams and plans. Help me to go through the difficulties that I have faced with faith and confidence. Thank you for Jesus Christ, through whom I am more than a winner. Amen!