And let us not grow weary in doing good, for in due time we shall reap, if we are not discouraged.

Galatians 6:9

In the Gospel there is a lot of work. Work to sow, work to irrigate and harvest. The Kingdom of God is taken by effort (Matthew 11:12) and good courage is needed. There are days when we wake up ready, but there may be days when tiredness can take over us. Yes, we may get weary, but we must not be discouraged. The work of the Gospel is hard work, but it is rewarding. It is in moments of tiredness that we must seek God. Only He can refrigerate our soul and inject us with courage. Step away from discouragement, do good without worrying about return. That way, we will be surprised by Him! 

- Doing good is easier than you think.

- Try to do good without thinking about reward. The expectation of the reward can generate discouragement.

- Recharge your strength in God. Pray, read your Word.

- Focus on God and not on men. First, do good to please God. 

To Pray: Lord, in You is all strength and power. Strengthen my life, enable me to help more people who need You. Use me as an instrument in Your hands. In Jesus name, amen!