PAKISTAN PROJECT Pakistan is a country in South Asia, considered the 5th most populous country in the world, with approximately 200 million people. In 1947, the year of its independence, the country became official as a Muslim state. Thereafter, all Christians began to face institutionalized discrimination. It is home to the second largest Shiite population on the planet, second only to Iran. Within its legal system, the Blasphemy Law is in force, which continues to make its victims victims of those whose religion is a minority, as in the case of Christians. Therefore, religious freedom is quite relative. This is confirmed by statistics that reveal a high level of murders of Christians and attacks on churches. 

On 12/17/2017, in Quetta, there was a violent attack on a Methodist church, where 7 people died and more than 16 were injured. .

Despite being a country in continuous economic growth, it still faces problems, such as overpopulation, terrorism, poverty and illiteracy. These are the main challenging social ills of the missionaries, in addition to the daily life under intense persecution of the Christian faith. Thus, being a missionary in this country is not an easy task. Strong support is needed in the spiritual, mental and financial areas for those missionaries who are in this line of confrontation. In this sense, AMMMPA in partnership with Pr Tariq has been playing its role in supporting these people. We seek to pass on information to the brothers of the Brazilian churches to motivate them to reflect deeply on the real Christian scenario in the world. In order to continue moving forward, it is important for the churches to support these missionary giants, who risk their lives for the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus to the peoples that have not yet been reached.

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