God didn’t give you control of everything



" When the days are good, enjoy them well; but, when they are bad, consider: God did both as well as the other, to prevent man from discovering anything about his future."

Ecclesiastes 7:14

It is normal to try to control our lives ... We make plans, choose the career, the profession, with whom we relate, what we buy, which spouse ... We choose to defend causes, participate in a community, follow directions, abandon others, trying direct our lives well. Right? Everything seems to be going well when we take the reins and things happen as we want ... But we know that this is not always the case. God did not give us complete control over life! Many only realize this, when "in the blink of an eye" everything changes around them ...

 Disappointing? No. For the Christian who depends on God, it should not be, but rather, a rest. Knowing that we are totally dependent on God, in every step we take, should bring peace to the heart! He blesses us on the Way and makes dreams come true! However, understand that we are not of ourselves, but of God, who controls all things. We can make plans for a long old age, but only God knows how long we will go ... The whole future is under His control and we know that He loves us. In the end, life is walking by faith ... Give Jesus your dreams, knowing that He will accomplish what is best for you!

Dê o controle para Deus!

- Nos bons e maus momentos, Deus é Deus! Confie nele de todo coração!

- Ore tendo Jesus como modelo. Peça coisas ao Pai, mas diga sempre: "que seja feita a Tua vontade, e não a minha", como Cristo orou.

-Entregue tudo a Deus. Você só ficará mais exausto tentando carregar tudo sozinho. Vá até Jesus, Ele lhe dá alívio!

- Descanse em Deus! Não sabemos como será o futuro, mas seguimos a Jesus que tem o amanhã em Suas mãos!

- Tenha a Bíblia como sustento diário. A Palavra de Deus o orientará a tomar as decisões corretas.

- Não tome a vida nesta terra como garantia. Deus é a nossa única certeza e força!

 To Pray: 

Dad, life sometimes surprises us, with good things, joys, but also with pain and suffering. Help me to trust You, both in good and bad times. Teach me to believe and hope in the full Life that you have prepared for me. I give you my future and all my plans, because I belong to You. After all, everything is Yours! You are my Lord, take care of my life and my family. In the name of Jesus, I ask and thank you ... Amen!