God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in adversity. 

Psalm 46: 1

In times of adversity our faith is put to the test. And we know, an ordeal tests all our feelings. It is in these moments of anguish that we can lose our focus.

God is with us always, in good and bad times. He never abandons us! The feeling of fear can arise, but do not forget, He is always present with you. Cry out to God in prayer, ask for His provision.

We can also find refuge in His Word, the Bible is a real relief from adversity. 

God is faithful to keep all the promises he has declared, so stand firm and trust in the Lord! 

- He is present! 

- God is always present. Seek his presence in prayer.- The Holy Spirit comforts us and gives us direction, seek him.

- Seek refuge in the Word of God. The Bible is a great way to reconnect with God. 

To Pray:

Lord, I know that in the midst of difficulties you are with me. Keep me according to Your Word and guide me towards Your promises. I trust you and I know that you are with me always! Amen.