"At that time, answering Jesus, he said: Thank you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, that you hid these things from the wise and wise, and revealed them to the little ones."

Matthew 11:25 

THOUGHT: How can we find out and know where we fit in the Father's family? The divine purpose is heavenly, eternal and spiritual, and it goes well beyond our limits. Creatures limited by what is earthly, by time and by our mind, our greatest efforts fail to raise us high enough to know the mind of God. Man, through his own efforts and abilities, could never reach a high enough level to touch the Most High God, neither the "common sense" method of science nor the "reason" method of philosophy can lead us to God. Man cannot discover God by himself, but God can "reveal himself" to man.

Prayer: Dear Father, thank you because the Lord has revealed himself to me, I have known His essence and the mysteries of the Kingdom of Heaven. I am also grateful that the Lord has sent his spirit of wisdom to discern the daily issues of my living, so that I can make the right choices to be at the center of His will. I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.