"Just as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts higher than your thoughts."

 Isaiah 55: 9

We often don't understand why certain things happen in life. We are not always able to see the complete picture, with all the details of God's purpose in situations. But that is because His ways are infinitely greater than ours.

God did not destroy the Egyptian army when the Israelites were trapped in front of the Red Sea. Nor did the Lord take Daniel out of the lions' den, as we would have done. He also did not put out the flames of the fire furnace, where Sedraque Mesaque and Abdnego were launched. Instead, God fulfilled his wonderful purpose by opening the Red Sea, protecting Daniel in the grave and walking with 3 friends inside the furnace.

God knows the end from the beginning

- Believe only! Although you don't understand everything that happens, trust that God is sovereign. He knows what he does! 

- Pray giving your life into the good hands of the one who made the whole universe. He is the God of miracles and knows what is best for you.

- Rest in God! The rough waters, the strength of the lions and the scorching fire are not problems for the God who created them. He is in control of all things and takes care of you! 

 To Pray:

Lord God, you are Lord in Heaven and on earth! I trust you, Father! Help me to understand that your ways are greater than mine, and that your understanding of everything is much greater than mine ... Teach me to believe and hope in You, every day. Thank you for your good purpose in my life. Amen!