"Guide me on the paths of justice for the sake of your name." 

Psalm 23.3 

Thought: One who understands the depth of this promise becomes strong, confident and fearless. If the Lord leads you on a flat path and on the paths of justice for His name's sake, how could anything be wrong in your life? Never! All anguish, all bad mood, all dissatisfaction and all complaints come from unbelief. Allow me to tell you in particular: the Lord is honored and glorified only if you accept His promises as being from Him to you personally. If it says, "Guide me on the paths of righteousness for the sake of your name," that means for the sake of the name of Jesus. The promises of the Bible are guaranteed and certain in the precious name of Jesus, for it is written: "For how many are the promises of God, so many have the yes in him; because also through him is the amen for the glory of God." This certainty of being guided by a flat path, by a path of justice, consoles our hearts. The same David, who was also sure, exclaimed: "I will walk the way of your commandments when my heart rejoices." It is like a blessed divine circle, once we get closer to Him it becomes easier to obey the Lord. 

Prayer: Lord God, I want to ask you for your grace and mercy on my life. Please help me to walk your ways, according to your will. I recognize Your promises about my life, and I know that all of them will be fulfilled, because Your word is faithful and does not return empty. I thank the Lord for rescuing me, and through Jesus demonstrated his love for me. I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.