The Lord Himself will go ahead of you and be with you; he will never leave you, never abandon you. Have no fear! Don't be discouraged! "

Deuteronomy 31: 8

This was a word declared by Moses to young Joshua. Imagine, leading a people in the conquest of a great promise. Just thinking seems to be extremely challenging. Moses, speaking these words to Joshua, wanted to make it very clear that he would not be alone, the Lord himself would be in front of him.

In fact, these words are not a prophecy, but a testimony. Moses was a living witness that God was ahead of his people. From leaving Egypt - to Canaan - the Lord did not forsake his people. God is faithful and fulfills everything he says, it was with this certainty that Moses encouraged Joshua. The same God who brought them out of slavery, would guide them in possession of the promise.

Don't be afraid, God will never leave us! Sometimes we look back and feel alone, in fact, God is right in front of us. If we want to follow in your footsteps, we are always moving forward. God is not only with us, but we want to advance his promises. Do not be discouraged, do not be afraid, the Lord Himself will go ahead of you!

He will never leave you!

- Strive for greater communion with God. Whoever seeks Him finds Him.

- Read the Bible. When we are aware of the promises - in what God has already done - we increase our faith and the will to move forward.

-If you have the feeling of being alone, pray. Talk to God, He is accessible through His Son Jesus.

To Pray:

Lord God, You are faithful and do not abandon anyone. I want to thank You for being with me in all situations. Guide me towards Your promises. In the name of Jesus, amen!