" I said these things so that you can have peace in me. In this world you will have afflictions; however, be of good cheer! I won the world ". 

John 16:33 

No one said that the Christian life would be easy. The Kingdom of God is conquered by effort and faith is only strengthened in trials. Jesus never denied the difficulties that we would have to go through because of His name. The Son of God Himself was persecuted and tested, but in the end he won!

Jesus overcame all trials and that is why we must make him our target. We are more than winners in it! Trials will come, bad days will come, but God will prevail. Perseverance in Christ strengthens us and victory always comes to honor His name.

 Do not be discouraged, if you are tired, cry to the Lord that He hears you. Open your heart, confess your anxieties that He will wipe away your tears. In Christ we have peace!

He won for you!

- Never forget that all that God made and the sacrifice that was made was out of love for you. Value that love!

- The best way to overcome problems is to be on the side of the one who has already won. Seek intimacy with God, pray, sanctify yourself.

- The Bible is the true manual of victory! Read the Word of God, it will find an answer and comfort in the midst of trials.

To Pray: Lord Jesus, praise Your name! Pour Your peace into my heart, strengthen me to overcome the challenges in my life. In You I am more than a winner! Amen.