Daily Devotional

He who dwells in the hiding place of the Most High, in the shade of the Almighty will rest.

(Psalm 91: 1)

God is Faithful! When you stand on that truth, your heart can rest, knowing that God cares for those who trust Him. It is not about acting without thinking or being irresponsible. But it is a matter of faith! Believe against circumstances, against the world. Jesus is our real protection and protection! 

Even though it is difficult to walk, know that in the Lord's arms you can recover your strength and courage for your journey. Like a gentle breeze, the Lord will blow away with tears, body aches, guilt, broken dreams and the tiredness of life ... Make the Most High your shelter and find a real refuge for all your struggles. Try to truly trust and give all your heart ... You will find relief and peace in His presence!

Rest your heart in JesusOre!

- Give your afflictions and tiredness to God. He restores his strength. 

- Read the Bible! Make this reading your daily food and be strengthened by the Word of God.

- Give everything to God! When we try to carry things by our strength, we are overwhelmed, frustrated and discouraged. When we leave it in God's hands, He will know what to do! 

- Trust with all your heart! God is all powerful, great, loves you and treats you with kindness ...

To Pray:

Lord my God, you are my refuge, my hiding place, where I am the safest and strongest. I praise you because I know you hear our prayers, know our hearts, our work and the difficulties of this life. But I give you everything and trust everything in your powerful hands, because your yoke is easy and your burden is light! Help me to rest in your love! In the name of Jesus, amen.