"Even though the fig tree does not bloom, nor does there have any fruit in the vine; the product of the olive tree lies, and the fields do not produce food; the sheep are snatched from the fold, and there are no cattle in the corrals, yet I rejoice in the Lord, I rejoice in the God of my salvation. "

Habakkuk 3: 17-18 

Thought: Imagine the situation of Habakkuk, with no forecast of harvest, without being able to count on its production, without prospects or even guaranteeing its own maintenance. I imagine that this man has worked so hard, worked hard, dedicated himself, and yet, due to adverse situations, he did not achieve the result he hoped for. This man could have been frustrated, he could have murmured, but he kept his joy in the Lord. He should have a family, and he needed to provide for them, he should have bills to pay, in short, just like we do today, since that time man has faced the same problems. But he believed in the same God that we believe in, a God who is able to renew our hope, because we can believe in his faithfulness, and because we can rest in the certainty that He supplies all our needs. 

Prayer: Lord God, even though adversity arises against me, even though I do not achieve the result I hope for, and even though things seem so difficult as to make me think of throwing everything up, still, I I want to be able to rejoice, and glorify the Lord, because in You, I know that tribulations are fleeting, and that soon the Lord will bring me victory. Thank you for Your faithfulness. I pray in the name of Jesus. Amen.