"Even if I speak the languages ​​of men and angels, if I have no love, I will be like the brass that sounds or the cymbal that rings." 

1 Corinthians 13: 1 

THOUGHT: When a person does not have the love of God, even if he speaks many languages ​​and is very cultured, we can see that his speech is lifeless and his heart is empty. Paulo compares with the noise of metal and cymbal, which is a musical instrument, both emit sounds but have no life. On the other hand, Christians who are filled with the Holy Spirit, when speaking, rivers of living waters flow from the throne of God. There is anointing in people who have experience with God. And how good it is to be around people like that. Be like that too, fill yourself with the power of God, you will attract people, and you will become an example to them. 

Prayer: Dear Father, anoint my lips, work on hearts, take care of our whole being, I want to do your will. May I worship the Lord at all times, and may I use the right words, well tempered, when speaking to people. May His life and His love be present in me, so that other lives can be reached through my speaking, my actions and my testimony of life.