"Wish fervently, like newborn children, for genuine spiritual milk, so that, through it, growth may be given to you for salvation." 

1 Peter 2: 2 

Thinking: We know that something is wrong if a child parks in the same place in his physical growth and in his intellectual development. And this causes a lot of concern for parents. In the same way God is concerned for us, which is why this text reminds us that the same is true in our spiritual life. God doesn't want us to be immature! God wants us to continue to grow. Our Father wants us to look forward to what is good and what builds us up. So, what are you going to do today to satisfy your spiritual appetite and grow in the Lord? 

Prayer: Mighty God, thank you for loving me and saving me. I really want to mature in His grace. Bless me today as I try to imitate holy habits and feed myself spiritually with the things that will help me grow. I know that true growth comes only from You, so I ask the Lord to strengthen me by His Spirit as I try to imitate His character. In the name of Jesus. DO THIS IN THE NAME OF JESUS. Amen.