As he approached the city gate, the funeral of a widow's only son was leaving; and a great crowd of the city was with her. Seeing her, the Lord took pity on her and said: "Do not Cry".

Luke 7: 12-13

During His earthly ministry, he visited several cities in Judea announcing the "Good News" of salvation. Sometimes it was well received, other times it wasn't. But this time Jesus arrived in a city in mourning. A great funeral procession accompanied a widowed woman in tears, mourning the death of her only child. That scene caught Jesus' attention: in the middle of that great crowd, a woman alone, was going to bury her only and last family.

That home had already been the target of pain and suffering with the early loss of her husband and father. The injured widow, after seeing herself alone to care for her son, once again, felt the pain and helplessness. Now, it was marked with the death of the beloved son, that son who would take care of his mother in his old age, it was the fatal blow ...

But Jesus entered Naim, changed the history of that family and the whole city, which saw a great miracle! Christ took pity on the widow's pain and intervened in her suffering. Not only did he comfort her, but he acted on her behalf. Today is also no different, Christ can enter your life, your family to transform your history. Believe Him! He is the Resurrection and the Life, he can restore your wounded heart and give you consolation! Today He also says to you, "

Don't cry!"

- Pray and surrender your pain to the Lord. It can give new life to your family, your dreams and plans.

- Put yourself in dependence on God daily. There is no better place to be than in the Lord's hands.

- Jesus is your protection! Seek the company of Jesus and you will never again be alone in the crowd.

- Have eternal hope in Jesus. The losses are terrible, but believe that He will wipe away all tears from your eyes, with Christ there will be no more death, pain, sickness, or weeping!

- Better times are coming! The Lord Jesus is the strength you need! He has the solution for your life!

To Pray:

Lord God! You know my heart, my fears and problems. Nothing is hidden from Your eyes. Come and enter my life, my family, my city and transform our situation! Your love is stronger than hell and death, intervenes in our suffering and heals our pain, Father. Only You, Lord, understand my pain ... Forgive our faults and lack of faith in You. Bring peace and comfort to my heart, in the name of Jesus! Amen!