Happy Easter!

 He is not here; he has already been resurrected, as he said. Come and see the place where he was placed. (Matthew 28: 6)

 I felt a strong emotion when I read this sentence 'He is not here; He is risen 'written on the wall of Jesus' tomb. On that visit, I was able to feel some chills and it was one of the most impactful moments of my trip to Jerusalem. 

What would I do if someone I knew personally had been resurrected? Especially if he had said that he would die and that after three days he would return from the dead? I ask seriously. 

What I would do? What would you do? Wouldn't I tell everyone I found ahead of this miraculous event? Of course I would tell! I usually tell minor emotions, like a good scene from a movie, so I would certainly divulge a miracle like that! Even more knowing that the person who was resurrected would be saying that he did it so that the rest of humanity would have the chance to never suffer from death. And that, for that to happen, it was enough to simply believe in the episode, and nothing else! There are, don't you believe? You're not the only one! There was one who saw all of this and, even so, still does not create. It was Thomas. But the risen Jesus Christ said to Thomas: - Look at my hands and put your finger on them. Reach out and put it on my side. Stop doubting and believe! Then Thomas exclaimed: - My Lord and my God! Said Jesus: - You believed because you saw me! - Happy are those who have not seen, but still believed! (John 20: 27-29

Jesus' resurrection confirms and fulfills prophecies from hundreds of previous years. This is the reason why the Christian faith takes on a special place in the heart of man. This is the difference between Jesus Christ and all the others who claimed to be from God. In this way, Buddha, Muhammad and others have not been resurrected. Jesus is the only true son of God, the Savior of mankind. All the others died and passed, but Jesus was resurrected and alive, saving and working miracles through the Holy Spirit.

Despite the resurrection message, many people still have no reason to live because of the most diverse problems and difficulties.

Tensions, anxieties, depressions, violence, illness, changes and many other pains and setbacks transform the lives of many into an eternal crucifixion! In an eternal wailing wall!

"I believe that it is possible to transform suffering into a life full of meaning. Full of achievements. After all, even roses have thorns that make them hurt. And for the beauty of a rose to be appreciated, it is necessary to be careful with its thorns. Dodging the thorns is different than removing them. " (Ernani Röpke).

The living Jesus Christ shows us the way to life, even in the face of death. You just have to believe and take possession of the blessing! Have a full life in the midst of problems. Christ lives for you to live. Let the message of the resurrection, the boundless love of God revealed in Christ Jesus, transform your suffering into joy and hope for life. When the love of God inhabits our minds and hearts, full and abundant life always resurfaces.