God with his right hand raised him to Prince and Savior, to give Israel repentance and remission of sins. "

Acts 5:31

Thought: This is the tremendous God that we believe. He alone is able, with his powerful right hand, to elevate our human condition, placing us in the place of honor, transforming our lives, taking us out of Egypt and taking us to a promised land, just as he did with the people of Israel. We are the chosen nation, thanks to Jesus, our Savior, we can repent and achieve the remission of our sins. God deeply desires you to abandon this sin in secret, for He wants to put you in a place of honor. Confess and repent right now. The Lord is saying that He wants to forgive you. Because Jesus' work was not in vain, His blood was shed for you.

Prayer: Lord God, thank you for the wonderful work you have done in my life, Help me to overcome barriers, adversities. Reveal to me each day where I have been flawed and displeased you, for I want to confess to the Lord, repent, and change my life. Thank you for the blood of Jesus shed for me. I pray in the name of Jesus. BELIEVE THIS CONFESS NOW, THIS TIME AND JESUS ​​WILL HELP YOU. Amen