Let us know and continue to know the Lord! Like dawn, your coming is certain; it will come down on us like rain, like off-season rain that waters the land.

 Hosea 6: 3

 The knowledge of God is not exclusive to special or "enlightened" people. The Lord makes himself known to all who heartily seek to know him personally, with humility and faith. This is so wonderful! Before Jesus we are all on the same level: there are no favorites among the children of God. But there are those kids who get attached and love to get to know you more on the journey of life.

This is the invitation that the Bible makes us: Know God and make Him known in the world! Knowing and continuing to know Jesus is a privilege and also a commitment of every faithful Christian. Furthermore, it is also a liberating gift that we can share with everyone we can. Jesus is the path of peace and genuine love, He is the hope that does not fail and the truth that the world so badly needs.

Be an eternal apprentice of the Lord of Life and transmit His Light to the world!

 Continuing to know

- Use the abilities that God has given you to know Him better. Pray, listen, study, read and deepen your knowledge of the Word of the Lord.

- Motivate your mind, heart and strength to continue knowing Jesus.

- There is always something new! Never think that you already know enough, or that it is too early or too late to learn more about God. 

- Share your personal experience with God with others. Talk about what He has done to you and how your knowledge has transformed your life.

- Knowing God implies living in conformity with that knowledge. Read: Titus 1: 16. To 


 Lord God, help me to know you each day, and to continue to know you more and more. Teach me to grow in grace and in the knowledge of the Lord Jesus. And that I can share your love and your power with everyone you meet. Amen!