May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace, by your trust in him, that you may overflow with hope, by the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Romans 15:13 

Everyone needs hope... Even those who claim to be atheists or agnostics need some "expectation" in life to move forward on their paths. Loss of hope, on the other hand, is deeply distressing as it denies any glimmer of improvement and encouragement for the future. But whatever your problem today: depression, unemployment, illness, divorce, and even hopelessness with life, believe that in Christ there is hope! 

For the children of God, the Bible speaks of hope in a double perspective: a future, linked to eternal life with God, without pain, sadness or crying, free from sin and death; and another right now, by receiving the new abundant life, by faith in Jesus Christ. The presence of the Holy Spirit gives the believer that full hope, which fills him with peace, comfort, joy and relief to overcome the afflictions of this life. So, despite the difficulties, cling to the God of hope and trust him! 

Receive God's hope, today: 

- Without God there is no hope! If not, become a child of God.

- The God of the Bible is the God of real hope. Give yourself to Him and trust His Word with all your heart.

- Pray to the Lord and ask Him to give you steadfast hope every day!

- If you have been disappointed by false hopes in the past, make sure that God is faithful! He will keep all his promises. Get to know each one of them by reading and studying the Bible.

- Love and faith always walk together in hope. These are an important tripod to keep the Christian standing. Live these three realities and stay grounded in God.

- Share the hope of salvation and the new life you have received from God. There are many around you living without hope or false hope in this world.

To Pray:

Lord, my God, you are my Hope, we believe in your Word and in the future you have prepared for your children. We believe in your power and that the Lord will fulfill His promises in our lives help me make a difference every day in Jesus name. Amen .